Residencies / Residency Offerings

JMTW works with 2-4 colleges or universities in the US each year.  JMTW’s residencies provide the opportunity for the next generation of dancers to work with seasoned choreographer Jennifer Muller in a variety of workshops/classes, as offered below.  (Residencies can also combined with learning Muller repertory that can culminate in a performance; please see Commission/Residencies.)

To name a few, universities who have participated in the program in the past include: University of Iowa, Long Island University (Brooklyn), Jacksonville University (FL), University of California Santa Barbara, Central Connecticut State University, and LaGuardia Community College.  Please see below for possible offerings:   


Master Classes in Dance Technique

The Muller Polarity Technique is a highly-developed dance technique sourced from Eastern philosophy and concepts. The technique is known to increase technical skill, encourage expression and prevent injury through the holistic use of the body as a living instrument. 


Residency/Commissioning Projects

Selections of the expressive and virtuosic Muller repertory taught by Muller and company members in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and support. The student dancers rehearse selected excerpts of repertory in a professional atmosphere with the aim of performing them in student concerts.


Performance Skills

Performance Skills involves a series of “on-your-feet” exercises designed to increase solo performance awareness, emotional communication, comfort “in one’s skin,” clarity of intention and “charisma”. 


Solo Phrasework 

Solo Phrasework addresses the concerns of a solo performer involving the considerations of dynamics, phrasing, intention, density of motion, texture, focus, recognition of and response to overall form and the creation of atmosphere.


Deep Response Composition Workshops

A course in composition that calls for a deep response in student, emerging and professional choreographers to the elements that need to be considered when choreographing. Participants examine their own personalized responses to space, time, place, texture, dynamics, shape, size, density, repetition, and various polarities like emptiness vs. thickness, expectation vs. surprise, stream of consciousness form vs. anecdotal form, among others. 


The Life Experience Workshops 

These workshops are unique offerings for dancers and non-dancer participants. Ideal for actors and singers. 

- The Creative Mind/Whole Body Workshops 

- The Non-Verbal Communication Workshops 

- The Performance Reality Workshops 

- Special seminars on theatrical design, artistic collaboration & arts-related subjects

Photo by Carol Rosegg

Photo by Carol Rosegg

Master Class at STEPS on Broadway.

Master Class at STEPS on Broadway.